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How much does it cost to store at Public Self Storage?
We have a large range of various unit sizes and prices.  Call our friendly sales team, and they will find a size to suit your budget.

Do I need to provide my own padlock?
Yes you do.  You can bring your own with you on the day you move in, or alternatively purchase one from our office.

How do I pay for my unit?
You can pay via cash, credit card, eftpos or direct bank deposit.

When are late fees charged to my account?
Late fees are charged when the account is not paid on time.  When you sign a contract with us a schedule of our late fees and charges will be given to you and explained in detail.

Do staff at Public Self Storage have access to my unit?
No.  You are the only one who can access your unit.  You will have your own access code and you keep the key.  Public Self Storage does not hold any keys for customers on the premises.

Will Public Self Storage accept deliveries on my behalf?
Yes we will.  However, we need a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to arrival, to ensure that we have the room to hold the goods and it is on a “first in best dressed” basis.  Goods will only be held for a maximum of 24 hours and our staff are not able to pack your goods into your unit.  Our staff need to be advised of the size of the delivery as if your delivery needs to be unloaded via a forklift you will need to organise a driver who has the correct insurances to be able to do so.

How long can a shipping container stay on the hardstand?
Containers need to be unloaded and picked up within a 48 hour time frame, unless previously approved by Public Self Storage management.  As we have many businesses who require the use of the hard stand we need 24 hours notice prior to arrival so that all customers get a chance to use it.

How many containers can fit on the hardstand?
The maximum number of containers we can have at any one time is three.

Is Public Self Storage open on public holidays?
The office is open from 10am to 4pm on public holidays.  We are not open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day.  You will still have normal pin code access at any time on these days.

What happens if I have a problem in the facility after hours?
A staff member does have a mobile phone that can be contacted after hours.  Please note that this number is only to be called in extreme circumstances.

Can I move out any time?
Yes you can provided you have called the office and given 14 days notice prior to vacating.

Can Public Self Storage recommend a removalist?
Yes we can.  Ask one of our sales team for assistance.

Does my unit have power?
None of the units at Public Self Storage have power in them.  There is lighting at the front of every unit which is more than adequate.